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The Story of Aloha Church. 

Since man's first days on Earth, God has moved in the hearts of people willing to listen and obey His call. He has always moved through imperfect people to do His perfect will. It’s the narrative of the Bible. Since the first disciples went out to make more disciples and start “churches", God’s Church has exploded across the globe. This is the God story that we get to participate in; God’s eternal plan for the world.  Fast forward to 2018, where, in San Diego, God's story began to include Aloha Church.


 Aloha Church was birthed in the hearts of Pastors Dru and Trish Teves. In December of 2015, after two decades of full time ministry, they heard the Lord calling them into a new season of faith. Not knowing what it was, they knew it was time to step out of the ministry they had been leading for 15 years at Rock Church San Diego. After months of rest and prayer, they were led to help a small church plant in downtown San Diego, called Soul Church, where they learned about church planting. God began to stir up a call to church plant in San Diego. 


 After a weekend of silence and prayer, the Teves' clearly heard the Lord telling them to start Aloha Church and that it would be a unique expression of faith. In perfect timing, God brought a team together of like minded people and gave them more vision.  After eight months of preparation, public services were launched at Mission Bay High on September 23, 2018.


Since then, Aloha Church has served 16,200 free meals, accrued over $84,000 in Random Acts of Aloha to the city and world, we’ve helped plant two churches - in an effort to one day plant churches of our own, we’ve been called the friendliest church in San Diego, installed 160 water filters in Palmarcito Beach, El Salvador, and survived a worldwide pandemic as a one year old church.


 Not only that, Aloha Church has even been featured in a magazine, a book, and multiple blogs for our Random Acts of Aloha and our Stay A While approach. It’s this community building approach that inspires other churches and organizations to cultivate a place for people to have conversations, build friendships and experience joy. 

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Our mission is to live life to the fullest and our method is face to face discipleship. We do this in our homes, around the food table and in our community. We believe growth happens in the context of joy-filled relationships. We often sit together, walk together, work together, and serve together.

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