1. PRAY WITH US: Before we do anything, we pray. Prayer is an essential part of this journey off the shore.

2. JOIN A TEAM: We’d love to have you! We are taking volunteers for our Aloha Spirit Team (Hospitality) , Groms Ministry (Kids), Aloha Youth (middle and high school) Production, Food, Set up, Clean up, Prayer and Follow up Team.

3. GIVE: Some can give financially, some have resources or partnerships to give, others have gifts in kind, like equipment, transportation, property, cooking supplies, etc…

4. SPREAD THE WORD: The world was transformed by 12 guys who spent their lives getting the word out. Would you consider helping us get the news out about Aloha Church? Feel free to use these social media images or any of our posts at @myalohachurch.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Do you prefer an email, text, or phone call?
Prayer. Small Groups. Launch Team. You can donate at our Give page.