Aloha, I'm Dru.

Although I was born and raised on the island of Oahu, I was reborn in the city of San Diego. Just a local kid from Kailua Beach with saltwater in my veins, who met a city girl named Trish and fell in love. Together, we fell head over heels for America's Finest City. And while many people over the years have asked why we didn't move back to Hawaii, after lots of prayer, we never felt led to. Our hearts continued to beat for San Diego.

That love turned into a calling to lead people to a relationship with Jesus. For 15 years, we worked at Rock Church, which was one of America's fastest growing churches. We pioneered the youth ministry, led thousands of youth to Christ and trained hundreds of leaders to fulfill their ministry calling. After 15 years, we felt a new desire growing in our hearts. So, we stepped out, rested and listened for a bit. During that time, the one thing that stood out to us was our passion to develop leaders. Together, with our four kids, we embarked on a year of learning at a new church plant in downtown San Diego called Soul Church. It was there God tapped us on the shoulder and told us it was time to start Aloha Church. A beach meets city style church, kinda like the six of us. I still can't believe that God took a local boy like me, who never should have left the islands, and included me in His work here in San Diego.


influencers + Gatherers

On our team are every day people like us. Some have an incredible gift of gathering people together. Some have influence in the community. Some are creative, some are strategic. But the common thread among us is availability. We all said, "I'll go." God has been preparing us. Our stories may intrigue you, especially how we all landed in the same spot on earth, at the same moment in history, with a similar passion in our hearts. We will tell these collective stories often. The story of how God brought an unlikely group of people together to impact a city in search of true, full life.

We don't think we are the only ones either. God is bringing more.


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